SHUR/Cut Microtomes

    Built with both the user and the specimen in mind.

    Use the motorized microprocessor management for operator comfort and safety or switch to manual operation for specimens requiring a special touch. Read More >

    SHUR/Dry Slide Dryer III

    Make slide drying a breeze!

    Using microprocessor-controlled fan speed and temperature control, rapid drying of slides and glassware is a breeze. Read More >

    SHUR/Clean Fume Hoods

    Indispensable in today’s workplace.

    Our bench top fume hoods are specially designed to manage manual coverslipping, grossing and routine containment of noxious fumes. Read More >

    SHUR/Stain Routine and Special Stains

    Long recognized as an industry leader.

    We've now expanded our facility to include an entirely new line of special stains. Read More >

    TBS Flotation Work Stations

    Make tissue preparation faster, easier and safer.

    Our Flotation Work Stations can also be integrated with our Instrumentation Management System™ to remotely manage many important scheduling/logging functions. Read More >

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