Instrument Management System

Remote Management. Improved Quality. Greener Footprint. Introducing IMS.

The Instrumentation Management System (IMS) from TBS is a comprehensive software program that seamlessly integrates with our instrumentation product line to manage important functions remotely and efficiently. Scheduling, remote diagnostics, data logging and quality management are just a few of the many functions that can be controlled via an in-house network or through an internet connection.

An innovative tool that will increase your lab’s efficiency and overall productivity, IMS offers a unique way to manage system functions. Contact a TBS representative for a full demonstration and to check the release schedule for each new instrument to be fully integrated with IMS.

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    Audit Logging

    Many labs today keep daily records of their instruments to verify correct operation. This is a manual process that is time consuming and error prone. The new TBS water baths coupled with the IMS product are capable of storing temperature readings internally so you do not have to.

    Managing Multiple Processes

    As can be seen with TBS' new SHUR/Dry Slide Dryer, multiple parameters such as temperature, fan speed, ON/OFF times and user alerts when processes are complete can be managed efficiently.

    Quality Assurance

    One of the innovative features of IMS is shown in this screen-capture from TBS' SHUR/Stain Frozen Section Stainer. Note that the expiration dates for each reagent can be input, and, as indicated by the red alert, the operator is notified when a reagent shelf life is about to expire. Not only does IMS help manage reagent quality, fan speed and filter degradation are all recorded for management review.


    To ensure that your instrument is operating at the correct temperature, fan speed, immersion times, etc., there is a function to allow you to calibrate many TBS instruments at appropriate intervals. The calibration screen below shows how you can calibrate each water bath individually.

    Lab Efficiency

    The Instrumentation Management System adds a variety of benefits to your existing lab processes and procedures to make your lab more efficient from Automatic turn on / off feature, to automatic temperature logging, and remote access of the front panel controls.

    Remote Diagnostics

    Future software upgrades and fault reporting can be conveniently managed remotely via the internet for faster response times when problems arise.

    Software Updates

    TBS periodically releases new versions of the firmware to add new capabilities and fix software bugs. With IMS, the user can now easily download the most current software free from the TBS web site and load it into all of the water baths in minutes.


    Instead of waiting for your instrumentation to warm up every morning, IMS automatically coordinates your equipment ON/OFF times to meet individual work station schedules. Remote schedule changes, can also be conveniently managed via the internet when you receive an after hours emergency call that a specimen must be quickly processed.

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