Helping Your Lab Operate Safely and Efficiently

TBS offers a comprehensive line of consumables for all of your company’s histological needs, including metal and plastic base molds, biopsy papers and foam pads, slide drying stands, and SHUR/Store files for cassette and slide storage. Other workhorse products include our series of SHUR/Mark marking pens and SHUR/Cut HDPE and PVC dissecting boards, as well as indispensable safety products, including eyewash apparatus and solution and the SHUR/Safeflammable storage cabinets.

Key Benefits
  • Base Molds Are Available in Reusable Stainless Steel or Disposable Plastic
  • Plastic Base Molds Are Resistant to Chemicals and Release Cassettes Easily
  • Our Line of SHUR/Mark Accessories of Slide Folders, Boxes, and Mailers Ensure Secure Shipping & Storage