SHUR/Mark® Labelers

SHUR/Mark® . . . Innovative Slide and Cassette Labeling Technology

SHUR/Mark®‘s proven technology provides efficient feeding, printing and collating of slides and cassettes sequentially. Utilizing x/y/z mechanical plotter technology, a diamond stylus etches a permanent reference into the painted area on a microscope slide while a heated stylus scribes through a hot foil tape to produce permanently printed cassettes impervious to processing reagents. Additional accessories provide the flexibility to add further convenience and automation as workloads increase or budgets permit.

SHUR/Mark® labelers accept a variety of data input options (3.5” Floppy Drive, Serial, Parallel & Ethernet ports) to facilitate printer & LIS connectivity, software updates, file sharing and remote troubleshooting. Patient and study data can be directly downloaded from LIS servers in a comma delimited format. Hopper positions and formats can be selected by specific protocols preprogrammed into the LIS by tissue type, special staining requirements or other individual user preferences. Print queues can be automatically printed or edited before being processed. State-of-the-art Windows® software options offer extensive data customization, input efficiencies and data storage management.

Key Benefits
  • Software Options Offer Extensive Data Customization
  • Slide Boxes and Cassette Hoppers Increase Operator Efficiency
  • Permanently Printed Cassettes and Slides Are Impervious to Reagents