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  • SHUR/Mark® HISTO/Print™ Software

    SHUR/Mark®  HISTO/PrintDecrease Manual Data Entry & Increase Productivity!

    Enhanced Readability

    SHUR/Mark®’s new dynamic platform allows users to customize printing templates to enhance slide & cassette visibility and increase scan rates.

    Easily Modify Layouts with Drag & Drop Technology

    • Change Field & Barcode Positions
    • Change Font Styles
    • Adjust Font Sizes
    • Flip Text Direction
    • Adjust Barcode Size
    • Print barcodes in either dot or square formats

    Hands-Free Printing

    Use of barcode scanner eliminates the need for  manual data entry and minimize errors with our new Auto-Population feature!

    Make Print Adjustments in Real-Time!

    Utilizing the Print Preview function the user can PAUSE, PLAY, STOP & PREVIEW during the actual print job.

     Decreased Printing Times

    • Load Balance

    SHUR/Mark®’s proprietary load balance feature speeds up batch printing by evenly distributing the workload across multiple Cassette or Slide printers while ensuring case related items are kept together on the same printer.  Maximum efficiency while minimizing overall print times.

    •  Simultaneous Printing

    SHUR/Mark® offers the ability to print cassettes, slides, labels and other documents simultaneously without changing formats!  Used in combination with Load Balance, print time can be reduced by half!

    •  Adjust Printing Speeds

    When designing Print Formats, independent controls provide the user the option to increase barcode and alphanumerict text printing speeds. This simple adjustment reduces printing time by 10 seconds per slide or cassette!

    LIS Integration

    Integrate faster and easier than ever before!  Once correctly identified, SHUR/Mark® HISTO/Printcan interpret case information without any additional modifications to existing Laboratory Information Systems.

    • Fully Automated Printing
    • Reduced Errors
    • Load Balancing
    • Suspend/Resume Print Jobs
    • Monitor & Manage Print Queues
    Product Models Downloads Accessories
    SM-HP-ASSoftware, Advanced; TBS; User-definable menu driven software for customized printing of alphanumerical data and load balancing when multiple labelers are integrated. Includes one license for operating one labeler. Included with the purchase of a TBS SHUR/Mark® Slide or Cassette Labeler.Get a Quote >
    SM-HP-SSSoftware, Super; TBS; expansion of Advanced Software feature-set including 2-D data matrix barcode printing capability and printer load balancing. Accepts extrapolated ASCII formatted patient data from mainframes, networks, & laboratory information systems. Requires some programming by an institution's programmer or LIS vendor. Includes 1 free license capable of operating 1 labeling device. Additional licenses (SM-HP-AL) can be purchased. Pre-1992 SHUR/Mark® instruments are not upgradeable and 1992-1995 units may require a hardware upgrade.Get a Quote >
    SM-HP-ALLicense, TBS; License to integrate Pre-2013 SHUR/Mark® labelers to TBS’ HISTO/Print™ software. Each license operates 1 labeling device.Get a Quote >
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