Staining / Coverslipping / Drying

Compact Footprint, Maximum Efficiency

SHUR/Mount is the world’s leading glass coverslipping machine for histology and cytology. Designed to accept a wide range of commercially available glass, the SHUR/Mount accepts up to twenty slide racks for staging without any specimen deterioration.

The SHUR/Stain 3030 H&E Slide Stainer sets the industry standard with an unprecedented level of convenience, without requiring you to sacrifice counter space. Also offering a compact footprint, the SHUR/Dry SD-III is a large-capacity incubator ideal for labs that need to dry large quantities of slides or other lab equipment.

Key Benefits
  • Reliability at an Affordable Price
  • Coverslipper Accepts a Wide Range of Commercially Available Glass
  • Dryer Features Micro-Processor Temperature Control