Tissue Processing >

Based on rotary valve technology developed and patented by TBS, our tissue processors provide exceptional reliability at an affordable price.

Microtomy >

Incorporating the latest electric technology, our motorized microtomes offer automated specimen advance and return, allowing the operator to focus on hand sectioning.

SHUR/Mark® Labelers >

Our proven labeling technology provides efficient feeding, printing and collating of slides and cassettes, while a number of additional accessories provide further flexibility.

Small Instrumentation >

Our line of small instruments, ranging from Flotation Work Stations and Forceps Warmers to SHUR/Slipper Cover Glass Dispensers and Paraffin Dispensers, are indispensable for an efficient workflow.

Embedding >

Dependable electronics, a proportional integral derivative controller and a user-friendly membrane touch pad make our Tissue Embedding Centers the industry standards.

Staining / Coverslipping / Drying >

The newest and most efficient models to feature our proven technology, these products require less space and utilize low work surfaces to reduce user fatigue.

Fume Hoods >

Keeping the air clean is essential for today’s work environment. TBS has designed a series of fume hoods specifically for the protection of the histologist and occupants of adjacent rooms.

Microscopy >

From basic binocular microscopes to feature-rich microscopes for intense applications, TBS can match your requirements with a quality economical solution.

Reagents >

TBS has long been recognized for our industry leading dyes, mediums and paraffin. As a result of recent expansion, we are pleased to offer a full line of histology and cytology reagents.

Consumables >

TBS offers a comprehensive line of consumables for all of your company’s histological needs, including metal and plastic base molds, biopsy papers and foam pads, slide drying stands, and SHUR/Store Files for cassette and slide storage.

Waste Management >

Innovative filtration and chemical engineering technology effectively manage chemicals and clinical waste by solidifying and collecting hazardous materials in small contained containers.

Apparatus >

TBS principals have been providing a safe work environment that is essential in today’s health conscious laboratory environment. Designed specifically with the histologist and adjacent work area personnel in mind, TBS offers an assortment of apparatus supplies.

Product Videos >

An in-depth video look at each product line, offering an introduction to the technical aspects of each - as well as personal testimonies from professionals who use these products on an everyday basis.

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