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General Data Acquires Triangle Biomedical Sciences

Acquisition enables General Data Healthcare to provide a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and supplies to histology labs

Cincinnati, OH – May 22,2013 – General Data Company Inc., a leading manufacturer and provider of barcode identification, tracking and data management products and solutions, has announced that it has acquired Triangle Biomedical Sciences Inc., (TBS) of Durham, North Carolina, a leading manufacturer and supplier of instrumentation, reagents and consumables for the clinical and research pathology marketplace. TBS will become a division of General Data Healthcare, which provides specialty products and solutions to hospitals, independent labs and other healthcare facilities. With this acquisition, General Data Healthcare will now offer an expanded and comprehensive portfolio of equipment, solutions and supplies that enable histology laboratories to utilize advanced products and technologies for specimen identification, preparation, processing, tracking and storage.

Together, General Data and TBS have more than 35 years of experience producing innovative instrumentation and consumables for clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories. General Data introduced the first cassette labeler that utilizes laser-ablation technology, which has now become the global standard for effective and reliable barcode identification of tissue cassettes. TBS has one of the most comprehensive histology product lines in the industry, ranging from sophisticated microwave and conventional pressure vacuum tissue processing instrumentation to the highest quality consumables and reagents.

“General Data Healthcare is known worldwide as the leader for barcode identification and tracking in anatomic pathology laboratories,” said Peter Wenzel, President and Chief Executive Officer of General Data. “The addition of TBS significantly broadens General Data Healthcare’s product portfolio with very high quality instrumentation, reagents and consumables, as well as expands our team of product engineers and industry specialists. Together, we will offer a powerful combination of product, industry and user expertise that will be a significant benefit to our customers.”

“The product and solutions offerings and technical capabilities of our two companies are very complementary,” said Jack Hunnell, CEO and Chairman of the Board of TBS. “Bringing General Data Healthcare and TBS together will provide our customers with a range of truly innovative products that labs can utilize to improve their processes and provide superior patient care.”

Financial details have not been disclosed. Both companies are privately held.

About General Data Healthcare

General Data Healthcare Inc., a subsidiary of General Data Company Inc., ( is a leading innovator and provider of labeling, identification and tracking solutions for healthcare facilities. General Data Healthcare’s products and solutions enable healthcare facilities to improve efficiencies, eliminate errors and enhance patient safety through reliable and cost-effective technology solutions that deliver true value while enabling staff to focus on what they do best: patient safety and services. General Data Healthcare’s ID/Positive® laboratory specimen identification and tracking solutions are used in histology labs worldwide to automate, streamline, error-proof and optimize specimen processing and lab workflow. For more information, visit, or email

About Triangle Biomedical Sciences

Founded in 1984 in Durham, NC, Triangle Biomedical Sciences, Inc. ( has grown from producing disposable microtome blades and blade holders to providing one of the most comprehensive lines of innovative histology equipment, apparatus, reagents and supplies in the industry. TBS continues to be headquartered in Durham, and serves the histology lab market with products that are uniquely designed to maximize performance and productivity.

About General Data Healthcare

General Data Company, Inc. is recognized as a premier provider of innovative barcode identification and automated data collection products, solutions and services that enable organizations to streamline workflow, error proof processes, better manage critical data, and improve business-process accuracy, productivity and performance. Founded in 1981, General Data is a privately held company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. More information on General Data’s products and solutions can be found at

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